Date: 5th May 2015 (Tuesday)

Time: 2pm – 5pm
KPMG Advisory
Level 10, KPMG Tower, First Avenue, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


20/pax for member
RM50/pax for non-member
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Photo May 05, 4 09 52 PM

Phang sharing the core ITIL practices which helped him a lot in his international projects.

NIthia representing KPMG to receive token of appreciation from MSCPMP

Photo May 05, 3 51 56 PM

Discussion on the power of ITIL in project application. GST was somehow emerged as everyone’s project.

Photo May 05, 3 46 53 PM

Happy to have them supporting this session.

Photo May 05, 2 28 44 PM

Ravi sharing his consulting experience in ITIL for organization.

Photo May 05, 3 52 02 PM Photo May 05, 3 51 42 PM Photo May 05, 2 29 08 PM Photo May 05, 2 27 07 PM Photo May 05, 2 26 57 PM20150505_172524


When you have a car breakdown and you are on your way to an important and urgent appointment, do you ask for the car to be repaired before you continue on your journey?  Or would you use a workaround – likely, flagging a taxi instead? (assuming you can leave your car safely where it broke down – say, in a car park). extracted from ittots

That’s one of the great things about IT service management and its ITIL® best practice framework.  It highlights the separate objectives of Incident Management and Problem Management. As a project manager, first instinct used to be to find root causes and solve problems. However, it is actually may not be the best way to help the user in his immediate needs, and it’s always good to think about both Incident Management and Problem Management.

As a project manager, have you encountered any compliance issues when you have completed your testing and ready to hand over to operation for full deployment?

Do you have any difficulty to communicate to data center managers and his infrastructure/security team?
If you are System Integrator, do you place the Customer’s operation team as one of your critical stakeholders? What is your stakeholder engagement strategy?
How can we close the gap between Project Management and IT Services Management? SIG #2/2015, is trying to bridge this gap.

We are inviting experienced project managers and operation managers to share with you their experiences,  giving you some tips on how to strategize your transition plan, and how to mitigate acceptance risks and manage the operation team expectations.

Join us in this session and understand more:

  1. Benefits of IT service management
  2. Why should project manager knows about ITSM?
  3. Transition planning
  4. What are the risks to mitigate during transition
  5. What are the value of ITSM in projects


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