Date : 25th -26th July, Mon-Tue 2016
Time : 9.00am – 5.30pm
Venue : Menara PKNS, 15th Floor, Jalan Yong Shook Lin, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

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The success of every leadership endeavour is determined by the quality of decisions made both in the boardroom and in the work-place. It hinges on the ability of its people to decide over and confront the challenges of the day-to-day business as well as its long term goals. Thus, the professional competency to decide wisely and to address organizational issues effectively are imperative to prevail in business, public service, as well as in personal career. This workshop is designed to equip the leaders and managers with the systematic approaches and managerial skills in carrying out effective decision making and problem solving.


  1. Understand the need for decision making and problem solving skills in emergency management.
  2. Learn the benefits and technique of situational decisions before a potential emergency situation.
  3. Distinguish a problem according to its symptoms, effects and causes.
  4. Learn the attributes and considerations of an effective decision maker.
  5. Explain how the ethics of a situation can affect decision making and problem solving.
  6. Apply models for problem solving and decision making to emergency management scenarios.


The Workshop will cover highly-proven principles and techniques for decision making and problem solving applied upon practical examples and case reviews. The approach is interactive and will entail case studies, experience sharing and group dynamics. Specific techniques includes, among others:

  • Critical Analysis for Decision Making, Problem Solving, Situational Analysis, Event and Risk Averment
  • Problem Anatomy and Root Cause Analysis
  • Risk Containment, Mitigation and Prevention
  • Alternatives and Prioritization
  • Validation of Decisions and Solutions

Trainer Profile


Ric Tapel is a seasoned Consultant and Lecturer in the field of Corporate Management and Business Development. His mature experience in strategic development of People, Process and Productivity stems out of his three decades of organizational leadership in the high-growth electronics industry. His pragmatic views and approaches are borne out of his exposure both as a hands-on manager of pioneering projects as well as being a corporate Director of large multinational companies engaged in the competitive and fast-evolving technology market. Challenge is his motivation, result is his measure. His satisfaction is in bringing out the best potentials and abilities in people to accomplish the corporate goals.

He is a coach, a lecturer and a team player. He advises on companies engaged in Semiconductor and Electronics, Manufacturing, Metal Industry, and Manpower Development on aspects of Management Development, Strategic Planning and Leadership Skills enhancement. Ric specializes in the application of corporate-wide programs such as TQM, ISO, MDP and Lean Management .

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