Half Yearly Form 2014 June – Green and Lean

Green and Lean:How SUSTAINABLE Is Your Product Life Cycle?

For the last decade, consumerism and industrialization has led to over exploitation of natural resources, generate pollution  and global warming, all in the name of “Development.” Most of the product / project methodology were developed to manage cost, speed to market and profitability, and for some, planned obsolescence.

The effects of global warming are leading to climate changes, which resulting in heat waves and sea water rising, extreme weather,  more frequent occurrences of floods or draughts, impacted on food and water security,  as well as possible impacts on agriculture, water availability, ecosystems and human health.

Can we ignore these impacts and continue to do business as usual? Can we forget the process efficiency and continue to use excessive energy and generate wastage? Can we undermine the entire product life cycle and continue to look at short term revenue only?

As a global project management practitioner, the PMI’s Professional Conducts requires you to make decision and take actions based on the best interest of society, public safety and environment.

Hence, this Forum is designed to create the awareness of such green, waste and lean issues; rethink the product life cycle to achieve sustainable development; and to help you in your future project decision making.




2014 MSCPMP Circle Half Yearly Forum Members

2014 MSCPMP Circle Half Yearly Forum Members




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