Membership Subscription Guide

This guide is for individual subscribers. For corporate application and inquiry, please contact us here.

MPC membership Guide

Step 1: Select Your Membership Type
Step 2: Complete Payment and Get payment slip ready
Step 3: Complete Online Membership Registration

Step 1 of 3: Select Your Membership Type

For FIRST time subscriber

ONE-Time Registration Fee: RM200 WAIVED
Membership fee at only RM388

For RENEWAL subscriber

Renewal for membership is RM488. Revised for 2020 MPC Subscription.

 Step 2 of 3: Complete Payment

Direct Transfer

  1. Transfer the fund into our CIMB account 8007282372 (account owner P2P TALENT DEVELOPMENT PLT). Note: For Maybank2U user, number is not accepted as recipient name. Kindly state “PP Talent Development PLT” as recipient name.
  2. Print PDF payment receipt, or snapshot payment slip

By cheque

  1. Please cross your check and make payable to P2P TALENT DEVELOPMENT PLT (CIMB account 8007282372)
  2. Bank in the cheque via CIMB’s ATM machine and snap shot bank in receipt.

Step 3 of 3: Complete Online Membership Registration

Complete online membership registration form HERE.

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