MPC – Malaysia Project-Management-Practitioner Community.

The project manager fraternity witnessed a new leaf in the history of project management practice in Malaysia, with the birth of the much anticipated MPC on 2 January 2008 Conceived as an preferred platform by project managers to SOCIALIZE and NETWORK, to SHARE industry experiences and to ADVANCE the project management discipline in a friendly, supportive environment, MPC also facilitates an annual programme of forums, conferences, master classes and seminars to promote continuous professional development of fellow members.

Continuation of Skills and Career for Project Manager

  • MPC has members coming from more than 60 multi-national companies, subject matter experts from different background contribute to the knowledge development of MPC.
  • Community of MPC members comprises a variety of professional IT-related positions, including project managers, senior management, consultants, IT professionals, chief-level personnel, finance and banking, government and the public sector, healthcare, and manufacturing.


  • To be an effective platform for project manager to pursue continuing education requirements,
  • To nurture the spirit of networking and knowledge sharing within the project management practitionars,
  • To provide opportunities for career advancement

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