10th MITPM Conference Anniversary Celebration 2014

10th MITPM Conference Highlights

Early morning of 28th Oct 2014, there were a gathering of over 250 PMPs, 19 speakers and panelist, and 30 MITPM team members and  at Dorsett Grand Subang Hotel to celebrate MITPM 10th year old birthday. Special thanks to MDeC, MNCC to their strong continuous support as well as Malay Mail covering our event. Quoting from Tan Sri, Malaysia project managers on par with Asia’s best.

MSCPMP Circle as a PMP community proud to be Malaysia’s PMP talent continuous-growing platform by providing forums, master classes, as well as special interest talk. MSCPMP is also offering 2015 membership promotion to all PMPs. Check it out here.


PMP on newspaper!

In addition of project management related presentations, SERE (presented by Dato Sri Lt. Kol. Dr. Alif Aiman Abdullah) impressed the audiences on safety awareness.  Take away lesson:

  • Avoid FIRST.
  • Survival depends on 2 basic ideals; minimizing the threat and maximizing our (effective) options.
  • Crime prevention begins before the event, and not during it.
  • Always have a ‘throwable-unwanted’ wallet in your (especially women) handbag when you were threaten by someone for valuable things.

Mr. Gert brought the audience into a new industry, hotelier. His presentation broaden the audience’s view on how far can a project manager (PMP precisely) go.

More of these interesting stories, check out their presentation slides below.

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Morning Session I – Key Notes: The Project Management Landscape – Latest Development in Malaysia (Tan Sri (Dr) Ir. Jamilus Hussein)

Morning Session II – A Case Study: The Project Life Cycle for Migrating Your Current Application to Cloud (Shaun Norris)

Afternoon Session I – SERE: Security and Safety Strategy for ALL (Dato Sri Lt. Kol. Dr. Alif Aiman Abdullah)

Afternoon Session II – When East Met West (Dr Barry Hsiung) (Contact admin for PDF version)

Afternoon Session II -Experience Sharing Session with the Audiences: The Challenge of Handling Final Acceptance Chairperson: Khor Soon Kheng

Afternoon Session III – ASEAN Free Trade – What Need to be Prepared for Project Managers in ASEAN (Mohammad Ichsan)

Afternoon Session IV – A Case Study: Root Cause Analysis of Project Delay (Gert Noordzy) Part I

Afternoon Session IV – A Case Study: Root Cause Analysis of Project Delay (Gert Noordzy) Part II

Afternoon Session V – Experience Sharing Session with the Audiences: The End of the Beginning, What’s Next? Chairperson: Lee Nan Phin

Celebrating 10th MITPM birthday with MDeC, MNCC and speakers

Distinguished panelist

Pak Ichsan and Dr Barry with MITPM team!

Precious moments with MITPM supporters, MDeC and MNCC. Thank you for being with us over the 10 years journey

Getting ready to kick off MITPM 10th Anniversary

Echoing Keynotes by Ng Wan Peng

Happy ending and congratulations to our lucky winners



[www.mitpm.org] Closing the project is always a challenging endeavour. It is a process with final result to conclude your project successfully. Standish Group’s Chaos studies (since 1994) has indicated that more than 50% of projects have closure issues or being terminated. BEGIN WITH AN END IN MIND. It is imperative that project leaders strategize in the early stage of the project to gain buy-in from the stakeholders, to manage the acceptance and procurement closure, and to successfully realize the benefits to be delivered by the project to meet stakeholders expectations. Thus the theme STRATEGIC CLOSURE, [and the beginning of a NEW “Chapter” !] and the Master Class designed to address issues pertaining to Managing Contract Closure, Requirements and Stakeholder Conflict. Never has so many Senior Managers, Strategists and Project Management Professionals been gathered in one place at one time – all focused on helping to enhance your project management capabilities. PLUS, our 10th Anniversary Celebration, food, exhibits, and the chance to network in a dynamic, goal-oriented learning environment.

Find out more from the brochures below on this theme.



Master Classes @ 40% discount for all 2014 MSCPMP Circle members.

Pre Conference contract closure 2.1 Pre-Conference Managing Requirements 2.0 Post-Conf Managing Stakeholder Conflict 2.0

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16/10 Managing Contract Closure – BROCHURE 
27/10 Managing Requirements – BROCHURE 

28/10 Main Conference & 10th Anniversary Celebration – BROCHURE 

29-30/10 Managing Stakeholder Conflict – BROCHURE 

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  1. More readings on Requirement Management: HERE
    47% of unsuccessful projects fail to meet goals due to poor requirements management.

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